SSN-799 2 1/2" Challenge coin

SSN-799 2 1/2" Challenge coin

Limit 5 per customer.

Front Crest Description:

At the top of the crest can be seen a large cut opal, containing a vista of the sawtooth mountain range, with a grouping of white pine trees (the official state tree). Behind the opal is an Appaloosa horse, the 1st of several Native American ties to Idaho and the official state horse. In front of the appaloosa is the motto of both USS IDAHO and the state of Idaho, "ESTO PERPETUA" or "let it be perpetual". Which is especially ture for a nuclear-powered warship. Below the motto are an arraignment of two feathers. These represent the Native American tribes that call Idaho home. The outline of the state can be seen, flanked by two steelhead trout. One gold and one silver (for the officers and enlisted respectively) with Green (Jade) and red (garnet) eyes. These are in reference to both the nickname of Idaho as the gem state and also reference the running lights on the submarine. Above and below each fish can be seen a stylized wave of water, this is to represent their journey to and from the ocean. Within the state outline one can see the namesake itself USS IDAHO, steaming from its acoustic birthplace, ARD (acoustic research detachment) in Bayview, ID. (denoted by a star on lake Pend Oreille. Just to the right of the sub’s conning tower is a reference to NPTU Idaho with a design made from elements of their unit patch. Until recently the majority of the NAVY's nuclear operators were trained here. Leading the sub into her mission swiftly and silently, is a peregrine falcon (the state raptor). Below the falcon are 4 silver stars, one for each of the USS IDAHOs, and below them in silhouette is the most recent USS IDAHO, BB42. The lower portion of the crest features the name "USS IDAHO" and "SSN 799" over a red, white and blue field. Bordering this to the left is a grouping of huckleberries (the state fruit) and to the right syringas (the state flower).

Back Description:

A silhouette of the submarine sail is seen on the backdrop of the red and white stripes of the American flag. Above the submarine is "Gem of the Fleet" from the states moniker, the Gem State. Gold and Silver submarine dolphin insignia are shown representing the Officer and Enlisted warfare insignia worn on the uniform of a submariner. An outline of the state is inlaid on the sail. Below is "Let it be . . . Forever," the English translation of the latin state motto, Esto Perpetua.