Submarine Veterans Lunch with the PCU IDAHO Crew

March 15th, 2024

Subvets lunch 4

Subvets lunch 1

Idaho Submarine Veterans and Submarine Veterans from the Requin Base in Pittsburgh, PA. and Vice Admiral Ron Eytchison toured the submarine base in Groton, CT the Friday morning before the USS IDAHO Christening. Then many Idaho and Requin Base Submarine Veterans had a delicious taco bar lunch with the PCU IDAHO Crew at the U.S. Submarine Veterans (USSVI) Groton Base—Dominic "Joe" Negri Memorial Club.

Subvets lunch 2

This event was absolutely fabulous because of the opportunity to interact with the PCU IDAHO Crew and to see the new USSVI National Headquarters offices in the Groton Base building, which was sold to the Groton Subvets by the Elks. Looking west down the hill to the Thames River was “beyond thrilling”—it was like yelling Dive, Dive.

Subvet lunch 3

Photos by Laura Barton and Russell Johnson.